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Hey folks,

Just a few words about GreasePocket. This is a personal side project, and we’ve been caught a little off guard by the interest. We appreciate your patience until we have something more substantial to show.

What is GreasePocket?

GreasePocket is an attempt to bring the features of GreaseMonkey to the iPhone.

What is the status of GreasePocket?

GreasePocket was developed over three days at iPhoneDevCamp, and it is very much alpha. It does not support all the features of GreaseMoneky and is NOT currently script compatible with GreaseMonkey. Our plan is to make it open source, and if you’re interested in helping please contact us.

When will it be in the App Store?

At this point, we don’t know if Apple will even allow it in the AppStore.

Who are you?

GreasePocket was developed by Ishan Anand and Ajay Kapur. We work at Next Mobile Web but GreasePocket is a side project and not a company product.

How do I contact you?

Please email for now until we setup a real site.

More info?

You can view the PowerPoint presentation from iPhoneDevCamp here.

A demonstration video is embedded below. In the first half of the video, a GreasePocket script is used to insert “Hello World” into the query box for Google Mobile. In the second half of the video, a GreasePocket script is used to add a “Signature” button to GMail. The “Signature” button adds “Sent from my iPhone” to the end of an email, along with the Google Maps link to the user’s current location. If you have trouble viewing the video, a high resolution (15 MB) QuickTime version is here.


Written by Ishan

August 4, 2008 at 6:44 pm

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